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Single Edit Column Edit. Our values. Team spirit We value connectivity, multiculturalism and discussions. In England, America and France, the application of these values resulted in a new definition of natural law and a separation of political power.

To these values may be added a love of nature and the cult of reason. Today we receive three different, conflicting, educations: It is only when we know the last that we can reject the first two. Reason and sentiment went hand-in-hand in their philosophy. It was stated without any proof that one of their number, Voltaire , had shares in the slave trade.

Ducere Me In Lucem (French translation)

At the time, there was a particular taste for compendia of "all knowledge". Published between and it aimed to lead people out of ignorance through the widest dissemination of knowledge. Anticlericism was not the only source of tension in France: A relaxing of morals fomented opinion against absolutism and the Ancient Order. According to Dale K. Van Kley, Jansenism in France also became a source of division.

The French judicial system showed itself to be outdated.

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Even though commercial law had become codified during the 17th century, there was no uniform, or codified, civil law. This social and legal background was criticised in works by the likes of Voltaire. For Voltaire, it was obvious that if the monarch can get the people to believe unreasonable things, then he can get them to do unreasonable things. A contrary point of view that developed, arguing that such a process would be swayed by social conventions, leading to a "New Truth" based on reason that was but a poor imitation of the ideal and unassailable truth.

At the same time, with various monarchs' reforms, there was a piecemeal attempt to redefine the order of society, and the relationship between monarch and subjects. Kritik der praktischen Vernunft.

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Compared with the rather subjective metaphysics of Descartes, Kant developed a more objective viewpoint in this branch of philosophy. On the contrary, it is the advance of human reason that reveals this constant structure.

[Poucet] Synchronicity chapter 3 ~Requiem of the Spinning World~ {French vers.}

As the century grew older, more literature and art turned its back on free forms and a lightness of touch, regarding them as aristocratic and worldly. They turned towards the serious, the authentic and the natural, that fit the utilitarian morality of the bourgeois public whose taste was for neoclassicism: This resulted in reflections about urbanism. This paradigm resulted in a change of style in the middle of the 18th century: Rococo was dismissed, Ancient Greece and Palladian architecture became the principal references for neoclassical architecture.

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That which is rational, and thus based in the understanding of nature, cannot be at the same time utopian. Le Discours sur la Servitude Volontaire.

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There was considerable coverage in the English and French Press, but less so in Germany and Italy; in Spain and Russia very few knew about it save a few intellectuals, senior officials and grand families participated in the movement. The mass of the people could not care less: This did not stop at social and political upheaval: Thomas Jefferson had had a legal education but was equally at home with archaeology and architecture ; Benjamin Franklin had been a career diplomat and was a physicist. Condorcet wrote on subjects as wide-ranging as commerce, finance, education and science.

The social origins of the philosophers were also diverse: Some had had a religious education Diderot, Louis de Jaucourt or one in the law Montesquieu, Jefferson. The philosophers formed networks and communicated in letters; the vitriolic correspondence between Rousseau and Voltaire is well known.

Le bleu lumière [How Far I'll Go] (English translation)

These thinkers and savants formed an international community. Because they criticised the established order, the philosophers were chased by the authorities and had to resort to subterfuge to escape prison. In , Thomas Jefferson wrote a report on behalf of the Virginia delegates to the First Continental Congress , which was convened to discuss the grievances of Great Britain 's American colonies. Because its content, he could only publish it anonymously. From to , he went to many European countries.