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In reality, Pope Francis will be the first pope in history to do it. But there's more to it than that, he adds.

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It's Pope Francis himself, as a leader and inspiring figure. People perceive him to be dramatically different from his predecessors. He seems to speak from the heart and be one of the people rather than separating himself," says Berger. Rather than being stuck in history and circumstances, he's focused on real issues like the environment and poverty that plague our world today. As Berger points out, it's a matter of speaking from the heart. It's also a matter of not acting high and mighty--even when you're the pope. You can find many critiques of Pope Francis's tenure.

Soccer legend, Maradona visits Vatican, hugs Pope Francis - Pope

But if there's one area where Francis has been extremely consistent, it's in his overarching message that he is no better than you or I or anyone else. You can separate the sentence "Who am I to judge? By most counts, it was how he was raised, mixed with a humbling mid-career failure. The family had no car. But they cooked, sang, laughed, told stories, and prayed together every evening.

But he learned from the experience. Francis also refused to take vacations. Gibson cites an interview Francis gave in to Rev. Antonio Spadaro, a Jesuit who knows Francis well. Sevilla SEV 1. Athletic ATH 2. Granada GRA 0.

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Leicester LCT 2. Everton EVE 1. Serie A. Verona VER 1. Roma ROM 2. Juventus JUV 2. Sassuolo SAS 2. Lazio LAZ 3.

He loves soccer, hasn't watched TV since 1990 and starts every day at 4:30 a.m.

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