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I can only assure any prospective reader that seldom usually no more than once a year , on the spur of the moment, particular motives have spontaneously come to take a certain form, which my rational half continues to regard as unnatural. Oca Babel — performances of collective and multilingual writing Oca Babel is the home of translation and linguistic hospitality: it hosts performances in Portuguese, Tupi, Swiss-German, Italian, broken English, Makushi, Quechua, Japanese, Spanish.

Writers and translators from Brazilian, Switzerland, Argentina and Mexico have worked in pairs, confronting differences in languages, sharing visions, writings and voices.

Written especially and collectively for Oca Babel, the texts presented at Flip are the result of these meetings. What is the process of assimilation implemented by the Brazilian state towards the Indian peoples? And what does their resistance mean for us? Inextricably linked to the land that generated them, the Indians and other indigenous peoples of Brazil are a living example of how it is still possible to resist the machine of Western civilisation.

The exploitation of natural resources and the consequent destruction of forests and of all their human and non-human inhabitants clearly goes through the assimilation of all these peoples, for which an intrinsic link to the earth is still the only possible way of living. Through this public talk given during the Indigenous April event, Edoardo Viveiros de Castro tells us how the Brazilian state is preparing to launch its final offensive against the Indians. Held a few days after the symbolic occupation of the Congress by the Indian communities, it tells us how an alliance between all the minor peoples of the earth is possible.

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In cosa consiste il processo di assimilazione messo in atto dallo stato brasiliano nei confronti dei popoli indios? E cosa rappresenta per noi la loro resistenza?

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Legati indissolubilmente alla terra che li ha generati, gli indios e le altre popolazioni indigene del Brasile sono un esempio vivo di come sia ancora possibile resistere alla macchina civilizzatrice occidentale. In the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Specimen will publish a series of poems and translations in indigenous languages.

Published with a Spanish translation by the author and a German translation from Spanish by Johanna Malcher-. Silvana Rabinovich from the Institute of Philological Studies. My translation would be written down and was discussed word by word, constantly referring to the content, poetics, forms and sound of the Arabic original. After finishing each of the seven sections of the poems, we would revise the section as a whole. After finishing the seven sections, six months later, the whole poem was reread and revised a number of times by the group as well as by outsiders, such as the Puerto Rican poet Mara Pastor.

I thought his way of writing has similarities to how I make art. I asked him to write a text for my book without any conditions. In the end we had the text in three languages: the original text is written in Swedish, my mother tongue is German, and the language to reach a lot of people is English. Fabbrica del vapore, Milan, Italy Markus Werner, da conversazione privata con Bice Rinaldi, Sciaffusa, 3 giugno Un ritmo ininterrotto attraversa i tuoi libri, in special modo quello di cui si presenta qui un estratto: La notte del rospo Froschnacht.

Franz, ex pastore protestante, ha dovuto abbandonare il suo ministero per adulterio. La tua lingua reitera insistente quel verso, diventa essa stessa gracidare che martella. Back in , after several years of living in London, I adopted English as my main writing language. Without going into too much detail, I can say that this was born out of a need to make sense of the world around me, in a language this world could understand. At the time of typing these words I have all but stopped writing in my mother tongue, Spanish. I will never feel at home in my adopted linguistic medium, but it is precisely this discomfort that keeps me coming back to the empty page, day in, day out.

JOLTS forms part of a series of short stories penned between and Although these are quite diverse in nature and tone, they all explore different forms of being in-between places. JOLTS opens the book. It is perhaps fitting to this state of dislocation that I was asked by Specimen. At first I found this invitation intimidating, for it meant taming discomfort into familiarity. Yet in the process of translation the opposite happened: translating my own words into my mother tongue had a healing effect.

But they are central to me as a writer, as I learned. If JOLTS deals with the impossibility of being in one place at the same time, this translation attempts to bridge that in-betweenness. This unpublished poem by Jean-Charles Vegliante was written in Italian and translated for the first time in the various languages of the Compagnia.

This is the first of a series of plurilingual translations of unpublished texts by contemporary poets edited by the Compagnia. Lucid and intense, the novel is shaped as an investigation around love, war, the uncertain glory of youth, violence and, even more, as a search for God and the meaning of life.

Written between and , subjected to censorship and several times amended, the work of Joan Sales is now a contemporary classic of Catalan literature. Soon this poem was transferred to music and the song by Barbara Varinka Machavariani-Tsereteli was born. Today we can say that the poem by Georgian Prince Akaki Tsereteli as well as a song of the same title are the simbols of Georgia alongside with Georgian wine, Georgian dance and Georgian polyphony.

Casa delle traduzioni Roma, Italia 2. If that were possible, we would all be speaking one language. That, to me, is not an attractive proposition. There are many things I cannot translate exactly from one language to another, but that means that meanings and words are transformed — not lost — in that process.

For several years, in Brazil, he carried on his political commitment along with his literary activities. After graduating in Law, he was among the founding fathers of the Brazilian Green Party and also member of the environmentalist movement Os Verdes. When he moved to Italy, he settled down in Lucca where he run a narrative workshop as part of a Master in Creative Writing in a school he himself had founded and called Sagarana , along with a literary review of the same name, in www. In he published his poetry collection La grazia di casa mia and, in , his interview essay La macchina sognante , published posthumously.

Specimen has now combined a series of published and previously unpublished poems into a variety of first and second languages. Teatro Politeama Naples, Sulaiman S.

Addonia is British, born in Eritrea to an Eritrean mother and an Ethiopian father. He currently lives in Brussels and has just finished his second novel. Il suo primo romanzo, Gli amanti del Mar Rosso. Attualmente vive a Bruxelles, dove ha appena terminato il suo secondo romanzo. In , when Agota Kristof was in her early twenties, she fled from Hungary with her four-month-old daughter.

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  6. As well as being separated from the country of her childhood she also left behind the notebooks which contained her first poems. The sorrow for the loss of those verses pushed the author to rewrite them as well as she could remember and perhaps to reinvent them.

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    Over the years, Kristof composed other poems, both in Hungarian and in French, her new language, and shortly before dying expressed the wish to see all her poems collected in a book. The themes of these compositions are those well known to the many and faithful readers of the novels and tales of Agota Kristof — dismay, loss, exile, the memory of love, waiting, desire — but here, in the spontaneity of poetry they seem to reach an even greater degree of intensity. Negli anni, Kristof compone altre poesie, sia in ungherese che in francese, la sua nuova lingua, e poco prima di morire esprime il desiderio di vedere raccolte tutte le sue poesie in un libro.

    The conventional view of what this [literary translation] involves proposes that the translator or translators study the words on one page in one language and then render them into another language on another page. Many — perhaps most — translations follow this procedure and the results are worthy, but second-rate. Because true translation is not a binary affair between two languages but a triangular affair. The third point of the triangle being what lay behind the words of the original text before it was written.

    True translation demands a return to the pre-verbal. One reads and rereads the words of the original text in order to penetrate through them to reach, to touch, the vision or experience that prompted them.

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    How have these countries developed since then? With this in mind, Erika Fatland explores their recent and ancient history, their culture and landscapes.

    I GESTI ITALIANI: Quali Sono? Cosa Significano? Come si Usano?, GESTICOLA in italiano!

    In these countries, that used to be the furthest border of the Soviet Union, life follows another pace of time. In between the treasures of Samarkand and the bleakness of Soviet architecture, Erika Fatland moves with her openness towards the people and the landscapes around her.

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    Ahmed Shafie is a writer, poet and translator living and working in Egypt. This piece was written while participating in the Iowa Writing Program , and read before a group of postgraduate students who were studying the works of the participants in the IWP. Derek Walcott, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and one of the greatest poets of our time, passed away on March 17, Lo ricordiamo oggi, a un anno dalla scomparsa, con una poesia tratta dalla sua penultima raccolta, Egrette bianche , pubblicata da Adelphi nel Con il sostegno della Fondazione svizzera per la cultura Pro Helvetia.

    Avec le soutien de la Fondation suisse pour la culture Pro Helvetia. Tra i suoi libri: Tutte le poesie , Mondadori, Milano, Giorgio Orelli Airolo — Bellinzona was an Italian-speaking Swiss poet, literary critic and translator.