How to Market Your EBooks, Over 300 Resources to Help Authors Sell EBooks

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You can start to experiment with marketing and PR with a lower stakes effort so that bombed on that post, no big deal, compared to the fear of taking a step on a 2 year investment of time. Blogging is playing low stakes poker before you go to the world championships. Thank you so much for the helpful tips. I recently wrote and published a German book in 24 hours: Alles.

Everything, Simple. Your 24 Hours Success Book. I wanted to show people that they can make money and be successful if they only have a vision, an ideal, and the guts to pull it through to finality. The only thing I regret is not having waited a little longer with the print run, as I still found a few typos. Really appreciate the insights! Your recommendations have never let me down. Highly entertaining. Teaching people how to fish as opposed to just feeding them one. It would be great if every year there was a forum of business leaders entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and political leaders coming together to think of new fresh ideas as to how to really positively impact areas of concern like poverty, education, etc.

The best and brightest minds are not being heard in the ways our great country needs them to be heard. Tim — You seem to always be admirably pushing the edge. I have a suggestion for you, maybe for next year — American Ninja Warrior. I think it would be amazing to hear how you prepare your mind and body for a competition like that. Fabulous post! This information is spot-on. One question. Some people still prefer by far to read print.

What about actually printing books, using the print-on-demand services? Your paper is brilliant! The sections on writing, formatting, etc, are no problem to me. I have just published a book on Kindle, via Amazon, about Shakespeare yawn ; showing that he actually wrote most of the stuff accredited to him shock! My troubles start with marketing.

The story is rubbish; the writing variable; the editing apparently non-existent. How do the publishers earn their money?

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Leslie Rocker. I have two friends who write — ive shared this post with both of them. Thank you for the detailed insights. Extremely useful not only for book publishers but eters and entrepreneurs. This could not have come at a better time!! I just decided this last week after a friend fervently recommended 4HWW to me to write my own book. In fact, I just wrote chapter 1 last night. This gave me some much needed insight into how to get started, and I greatly appreciate that. Have the message that you want to share to the world, get someone to research, test the niche, listen to the market etc.

How to Sell eBooks Online

Then use creative methods to produce your content. This is actually a mind-blowing post! Question for Tim: Have you ever considered publishing fiction? If so, what sort of fiction? Another question for Tim: Given the disparity between what I want to write and the photography I do, what are some effective methods for keeping a pseudonym an effective second person online?

The best blog name depends where the momentum is. Your brand ROI is probably maximized by naming the blog after yourself unless you have a monster hit like 4HWW and can ride that wave to get your name out.

The trick seems to be maintaining those positions. I have the framework up, but I need to invest some royalty monies in hiring someone to make it presentable, and figure out how to make it cross promote the other books. Excellent info and homework to follow up with. Looking forward to reading all those books and applying them to my current work, thanks Tim. Very interesting, especially the caveat lector. As a very small independent book publisher sometimes it seems the odds of success for indie authors are only slightly better than winning the lottery, despite great content.

HOW TO MARKET AN EBOOK (How to market your book online) -- The easiest book marketing tip ever!

How many indie authors sell more than copies in five years? Terrific comprehensive article. Lots of great procedural steps and options. Thanks and keep it coming! One area not covered in this article: the opportunity to combine public domain content books whose copyright has expired with eBook publishing.

Calculating Payout by Book

I compiled a single Kindle collection containing 12 books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, including 8 books from the Anne of Green Gables series. I published that collection on Amazon on February 4 at a price of 99 cents. Without the massive marketing and sales machine that is Amazon, this would have been impossible. Good to hear you have great success with Amazon and public domain. As far as I know, you need to make your content different when using public domain.

How did you do that? Amazon does have a couple of rules related to publishing public domain content in their store. The examples of differentiation Amazon cites include translations, annotations, original biographic content about the author, or illustrations. In my case, I selected 12 books by Lucy Maud Montgomery for my collection. Of the 12, 8 had free versions at Amazon although the quality varied considerably on these.

It also allowed me to create a great offer for potential buyers. I built a custom table of contents that allows you to easily jump to any book and chapter in the collection. Hopefully it will help others find success in this area. Are you on Facebook?

Four Reasons Readers don't buy Your Books

Like to connect with you. She has great content about using public domain for publishing, business, blog etc. Aaron, I was encouraged to hear of your success in publishing public domain works. Did you need any specialized software to create the table of contents that allows the reader to search across multiple titles?

How to make money selling ebooks from your own site

Awesome that your public domain books are doing so well, Brian! It is important to do a very thorough search on Amazon and Google before posting. What program do you use to edit your books? I use an epub editor called Sigil. I am preparing for some kind of competative exam of english literature and I want to work for passive income also like self publishing.

I want to create an ebook using materials taken from wikipedia or other websites. Is it safe and legal? How should I get my book published whether with public domain or copyright?

As someone who was able to quit my day job from kindle publishing royalties, I can say this a legitimate business and the way of the future. That just goes to show you that anyone who has a great book and knows how to market it can become successful through self-publishing. This post is epic, Tim! I enjoyed reading this and it gave me a clear path to publishing a self-help book on an important mental health niche topic.

I am so glad I found this article! Everything here in one place and very well said. I have to admit that I love writing my stories but get a bit lazy about marketing because there is so much detail and busy work it makes my head spin.


Reading a blog like this is a nice pep talk, though I ope that once I have books in mass quantities on Amazon and elsewhere, it will mean I won;t have to market as much. What is more important? Social media or maintaining the blog? I have been thinking of writing my own e-book for some time now. You have laid it out step by step for me. Then to see you over deliver when you pay off the promise makes for an insanely valuable read.

Thanks for sharing all the incredibly helpful insights and advice from your own experience.