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By structuring her narrative as 13 letters from our loving Mother the Earth and our father Sun she explores in depth the core reasons for how our dysfunctional and separated society arose. So this is no lightweight tome. The 3 keys to our salvation are explained in some detail, as well as the reason for our enslavement.

Knowing this, the power of Love had to be diminished by those who saw themselves as rulers of our world. The only way they could diminish the power of Love was by fragmenting and dividing us. And so we believe, unwittingly and unconsciously, that we live in a dualistic reality system, seemingly unable to access that Oneness from which all this reality arises.

Anneloes Smitsman shows us a way through this delusion. And now we have reached an extreme point of bifurcation.

Her profound explorations in self evolution, quantum physics and social change are both thrilling and unique. I highly recommend this book full of inspiration and wisdom. Love Letters invites us in profound and yet gentle ways to re-member and heal our vital relationship with our one and only planetary home. In re-minding and re-hearting us of not only our reliance on Her but Her ever-loving nurturing of all Her children, it is a vibrant and timely message to help guide our way home.

She, however, has come to many of these truths on her own with little exposure to this school of Kabbalah. It is a sign of the depth of her intuitive wisdom, that her teachings also speak in a similar cosmic common-sense and disciplined language. If you care about our planet and the future of our children and all of life, read this book. It will enhance your capabilities of making a difference far beyond what words can explain. Imbued with love, hope, and faith, the writing is full of compassion as it honours Nature and all its precious beings on earth, in particular men and women and all gender in between.

It is an inspiring text that gives one a sense of being in the world and also beyond the world simultaneously as it delves into the realms of the real, the metaphoric, the poetic, and the mystical. It gives one a sense of becoming one with the Earth and beyond. As each Love Letter from Mother Earth brings forth a particular consciousness, it invites us to delve deeply into their meaning to receive a full understanding of our existence as being whole, unified, harmonic, synchronic and, yes, imaginal.

2017 : New Beginnings and the Year of Sacred Earth

The words of Elie Wiesel jump out at me for we must look to meaning and purpose. It is for this reason we can and must seek why as we continue to venture into deeper understandings of love. To come to know the fullness of love takes living life fully and pausing at each step to reflect on its depth and vastness. Each step of the way requires a constant opening, for any shutting down leaves us gasping for air. Love Letters from Mother Earth should be read with this in mind and heart. Anneloes Smitsman writes from the understanding that we all are in fact expressions of a living Earth and hence able to speak not for her but as her.

These Letters offers a wealth of insights and expanded perspectives on love, trust, overcoming the illusion of separation, and restoring our internal wholeness. This participatory way of seeing and relating will help us respond to the converging crises with wisdom.

Doing so, we may discover that these crises harbour within them an opportunity of transforming the human impact on Earth by transforming our understanding of who we truly are. It was like I was coming home.

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That does not mean the sacred feminine is taking over — because part of the shift we are going through is all about the balance and sacred union of the masculine AND the feminine. Nothing is over the other — it is the empowerment of the union and integration in balance between the two polarities. This has been part of prophesies for thousands of years — the age of Aquarius is all about the balance. The seal is removed and is now, by the help of the 33 Christ Consciousness which is both feminine and masculine moving into its true essence.

Jesus and Mary were equal partners — a sacred union of the masculine and feminine - who came to be the Light of the New. The sacred number 6 is that balance and union of the polarities — the middle ground to 12 …. Notre-Dame is also the central heart of Paris and is a positive, holy number in Kabbalah, and the sum of its Magic Square. It represents the Sun and the Heart chakra. The true essence of is rising — supporting us to embrace the material, the basic needs of being human.

It exists in pure or nearly pure forms — such as diamonds and graphite — but can also combine with other elements to form molecules. These carbon-based molecules are the basic building blocks of humans , animals, plants, trees and soils. What happens when carbon has been suppressed long enough? It become diamonds… What has been said for years about our carbon bodies? That they are turning crystalline.

Crystalline light bodies…. We are shifting from the carbon to crystalline — maybe because of the long suppression of the divine feminine? What if all the horror and suffering women have gone through, was not in vein? After Easter I can feel so strongly that the fire of Notre Dame was a sign of the shift happening on the planet. It was the start of something new and BIG.

Every cell in my body knows that this is it. Now the New Earth is fully here.

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We still can go back and forth between old and new Earth — but she is here to stay. And that is a good thing. It has always been here — hiding in the dark. Now it is out in the open. As light is shed on the dark, it can be transformed and integrated in a sacred Union. My interpretation of this is that we are not here to wait for Jesus Christ to come down and walk the Earth again. Or have to be scared of the antichrist.

We are the Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene in human form. We are the empowered sacred masculine and feminine — the true — T he Morning Stars …. This is what we have been waiting for. If you do not believe — who will?

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The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The New Earth is here with New Beginnings. How do we know? What is your why? Pagan meaning of Easter. Hugo in Costa Rica.

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It is a very complex story, so bare with me… Easter these days is mostly known for Jesus suffering, crucifixion and rebirth, right? Christian Church Mandala. The distorted energy. Anyway, back to Easter of Skulls in the Memorial Shrine at the Killing Fields. Who is the beast? Hall In other words, the bible quote is telling us that here lies a key to great power.