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They responded by organizing yet another new lineup of Crazy Horse. Left for Dead , the fifth Crazy Horse album in 18 years and the first in 11 , its title seeming an unmistakable allusion to the treatment received from Young , is also the fifth Crazy Horse album with a different frontline of musicians.

Molina and Talbot are in place as ever, but there is a new lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and primary songwriter, Sonny Mone , and a new lead guitarist, Matt Piucci , formerly of the Rain Parade. The opening tracks, "Left for Dead" and "Child of War," very much display the harsh, guitar-heavy approach of Young with Crazy Horse , albeit without Young 's distinctive voice and lyrics. Mone , like Young , has a high, strained tenor, but it couldn't be mistaken for Young 's, and of course his songwriting ability usually doesn't approach Young 's, even though he is clearly influenced by Young.

Thus, not for the first time in its career, Crazy Horse has made a Crazy Horse sound-alike record, which may be the fate of a "band" that is really just a rhythm section, or, to put it another way, a bunch of different bands playing in similar styles under one name. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

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Adaro in the rainbow Many of us from a certain generation will probably think of There is a Tavern in the Town.

That line brings back memories of my mother and father singing it in the car in the s. An old song that tells an old story, revived by Rudy Vallee in I have recently come acrioss a strange connection to one of the striking images from Crazy Fingers. Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow Tapping at the window Touch your hair So swift and bright, strange fingers of light Float in air Standing on my desk here is a statuette of an Adaro, a sea spirit from Solomon Islands, carved in stone.

Adaros live in the sun, and travel to and from the Earth by sliding along rainbows.

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They are not benign spirits, gaining their substance from human wickedness. I dont know A swift undertow under the calm face of the sea Life may be better that nothing is ever as it appears and always changing. Until we get there, its definitely sweet knowing that love rings true because we need it as we are constantly looking for that thing down inside.

Whatever that gold ring is, i dont know I have always loved this song. I know the Grateful Dead are pretty unique but, to me, this song just doesn't sound like anything else I've ever heard. The words, the music, the way Jerry sings it I think its somewhat good that the song kept getting dropped for a while.

Every time I hear this song it is completely refreshing and exciting. Well Whaddaya Know! I know I don't know a lot. See how it feels in the end I've always looked at this song as a remembrance of things past. I remember that well I didn't know at the time, of course, that it was the first time since GD Here there and everywhere A quick lyric search and i wound of up on the annotated lyrics site, which took me to an essay on the Grateful Dead followed by Hunter's rebuttal where he dissected Franklin"s Tower.

I thought was reading up on Crazy Fingers. So beautiful It's so cool How the song opens, with the organ and guitars sounding like a piping hot landscape in need of some cool rain. Sets the stage beautifully.

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Simply amazing musical mood-like a classical tone poem in a way. I could hear this song everyday for ever.

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Shine inside Gone are the broken eyes I was inspired to share 'Ripple' with my ESL students in class a couple weeks ago, and it led into a brief discussion of haiku Like Ripple, it seems to be one of the many Dead tunes that deals with the ineffable, and in a somewhat similarly cryptic kind of way, although even in the more Americana tales or cowboy tunes, there are still moments.

I liked David's point about ambiguity. Definitely a beautiful song from what is probably my favorite studio album. I still have my cassette with that Winterland debut on it I was wondering what will happen when David starts running out of songs to write about without doing repeats which would be fine, of course.

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Have there been any 'cover' tunes yet? The band always made them their own Well, I don't suppose we'll be discussing Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues anytime soon! Happy Spring y'all. Running out of songs? Chuck--thanks for the kind words. I'm open to writing about anything in the repertoire, and with that size of a song list, I figure I can go for, what, seven years?

I've sorta been doing a normal rotation: Jerry tune, Bobby tune, occasional other. So this week, it will be a Bobby tune again Thanks, everyone for the comments. I've decided to learn "Crazy Fingers"' on piano, myself

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