Breaking Stalins Nose

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While living in the USSR, I had to construct an intricate mechanism of emotional and psychological defenses in order to survive. In the U. As a result, I had to work through my past emotional experiences to rid myself of the hold they still had on me. Before I visit a school, I usually speak with the teacher or the principal.

I want to know what grades I will be working with. Will we be in a classroom, a library, or at a general school assembly? What are their students studying now? What are they reading? And most important, what do the kids of this particular school need to learn from my visit? Often, we end up talking about writing—how the students could use their own life experiences as a material for constructing a narrative.

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We draw pictures together. I always read several books at once. For the last year and a half, while I was writing The Haunting of Falcon House will be released next year by Macmillan , I read Russian classics, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Gogol, and Chekov, as well as collections of classic ghost stories. Louis, MO, July 18— This session will address the resounding need for culturally inclusive literature from two angles: writing and publishing diverse books and helping young readers access and engage with those books.

Visit the ILA Conference website for more information or to register. April Hall is editor of Literacy Daily. A journalist for about 20 years, she has written and edited for newspapers, websites, and magazines.

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She covered a great deal of educational issues including the roll-out of both Race to the Top and Common Core State Standards. Thank you for the comment!

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Breaking Stalin's Nose

The principal reveals that the particular orphanage slated to collect Sasha from his former residence after his father's arrest has repeatedly phoned the principal demanding to know his whereabouts, thus the school staff knows he is now also the child of an enemy of the state and he cannot join the Young Pioneers as a result. Already Vovka and Borka were blacklisted and banned and now devoted Communist Sasha is just like them, unwanted and worthless. He is sent back to class without punishment, but upon seeing officials have arrived to take him to the orphanage, flees to a science laboratory.

In a scene reminiscent of the Russian classic "The Nose" by Nikolai Gogol, Sasha encounters the broken nose dressed like Stalin that smokes a pipe and tells him to forget his father who he will most likely never see again and join the Communist Party.

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He passes out and is revived by cold water, before being sent back to class, where everyone now knows his personal non grata status and Nina Petrovna relegates him to the back of the classroom reserved for outcasts. During last minute ceremony preparations, Sasha joins in despite not being allowed to, and jumps from desk to desk before state police burst in.

He thinks they are there for him, but instead they haul away Nina Petrovna, after discovering the broken plaster nose in her desk drawer, apparently placed there by Vovka Sobakin as an act of revenge. Instead Sasha is taken away by the principal to the school's basement. A senior lieutenant meets Sasha in the basement and offers him the chance to join the Young Pioneers and regain good standing.

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Though he refuses to denounce his father, the senior lieutenant is more interested in getting him to spy on his classmates. He agrees, but at the last moment, as he stands with the banner waiting to march into the ceremony, he decides he does not want to be a pioneer after all and flees the school. Alone and homeless, Sasha heads to the Kremlin where the Lubyanka prison is located, hoping to see his father.

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After encountering a huge queue of others also waiting he goes to the end, which is at least three days from the entrance, and encounters a curious kind woman. She asks where his winter gear is and learning he has none gives him a scarf saying she knitted it for her son who she is waiting to see and also gives him a baked potato. When she learns Sasha has no parents or other relatives, she offers him her son's vacant cot in her room and he accepts, knowing he has nowhere else to go. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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